Wednesday, January 20, 2016

INTERVIEW. Fashionista Ayanda Nhlapo on her new [ED] show on DStv: 'I want Ayanda's Fashion House to be what I didn't get growing up'.

Fashionista and TV presenter Ayanda Nhlapo, also known as Queen YaYa, just started her own weekly show dedicated to all things fashion on [ED] (DStv 190), Ayanda's Fashion House.

Ayanda Nhlapo who previously presented Corner Talks on [ED] and studied drama and fashion design, now takes the reigns with a local dedicated fashion show that will be seen in South Africa and across the African continent.

What do you want to achieve with Ayanda's Fashion House?
Ayanda: I hope to inspire and teach people through Ayanda's Fashion House.

Why do you think its important for a dedicated, local, weekly show about fashion to be on television for South Africa and Africa?
Ayanda: The fashion industry is a very untapped industry and a lot of information is only received through going to fashion school or if you're in the fashion scene.
I feel that on TV we don't really have a show that is fully about fashion, and I feel that it's very important because I could be helping someone choose their career, so something like this is definitely needed.

Will you be talking to emerging new designers or people entering the fashion scene, will you be chatting to established fashion icons, looking for new talent? 
How are you going to find the weekly guests? And who is it that you want to showcase to South Africa and the rest of Africa?
Ayanda: On the show I speak to all kinds of people, so I get to chat to different kinds of people - from students and lecturers to business experts and up-and-comers.
Especially I want to give exposure to students and up and coming new talent.
I feel that they need to be on Ayanda's Fashion House so they get to be on a platform where they get exposure and people can get to know about them.

What do you think has led you to this moment, to Ayanda Nhlapo doing Ayanda's Fashion House on [ED] and to get to this point and what do you want to be with it?
Ayanda: You know what, when I grew up I always knew that I wanted to be in fashion - whether it be a model or designer - just to be in fashion.

If I grew up watching a show like Ayanda's Fashion House, I probably would have chosen my career sooner, and I would have had an advanced fashion knowledge. So for me, I think that's exactly what I'm doing with this show.

I'm going to give back, I want Ayanda's Fashion House to be what I didn't get growing up. The show is for those people currently growing up and want to be in the fashion industry.

And your advice for people about following their dreams and their passion even when it seems impossible and difficult whether in the fashion world or not?
Ayanda: My advice is never ever give up on your dreams. If you want something, go for it and let nothing stop you.

Ayanda's Fashion House is on Mondays at 18:55 on [ED] (DStv 190), with a repeat on Saturdays.

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