Wednesday, January 20, 2016

[ED] on DStv launches local weekly fashion show, Ayanda's Fashion House, with vibey fashionista, Ayanda Nhlapo as a new 'signature show'.

The edutainment channel [ED] (DStv 190) has launched a brand-new, locally produced weekly fashion show, Ayanda's Fashion House with Ayanda Nhlapo on Mondays at 18:55 as a brand new "signature show" designed to bring more edge and local relevance to the Urban Brew produced TV channel.

In Ayanda's Fashion House, with repeated on [ED] on Saturdays, fashionista Ayanda Nhlapo who previously presented Corner Talks on [ED] and who studied drama and fashion design, talks all things fashion.

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It's the first time since Nicky Greenwall's cancelled Style Report on eNCA (DStv 403) that South African television, in fact Africa - since [ED] is seen across Africa on MultiChoice's DStv and GO platforms in 49 countries - can tune in to a locally relevant weekly style programme with a dedicated focus on fashion.

Ayanda’s Fashion House is part of a new series of entrepreneurial concept shows rolled out by [ED] in line with the Kagiso Media TV channel's vision to be more engaging, more relevant, more local and to inspire young people.

[ED] is one of 6 TV channels that Urban Brew manages.

Each of the 13 episodes of Ayanda's Fashion House will focus on a different aspect of the industry, from the actual fashion design, to blogging, trend forecasting and fashion shows. Guests include a number of fashion industry personalities, ranging from Gert Johan Coetzee, Lucilla Booyzen, Dion Chang, Trevor Stuurman and Felipe Mazibuko to Joelle Kayembe.

"Viewers are invited to sit in on her conversations with industry experts, they're invited to boost their business savvy together with her and they're invited to share in all the insider tips that she gleans," says Trish Taylor, CEO of Urban Brew.

"Ayanda's Fashion House not only equips other aspirant designers, but will inspire them too," says Trish Taylor.

"It's all about fashion, but it's more than fashion and that's what I'm looking forward to. It's also about a very rich and compelling story so it's certainly not to be missed. Ayanda Nhlapo is a vibrant, determined and gutsy young lady who did not allow any circumstances to get in her way of fashion or success," says Trish Taylor.

"We're going to hear about her story and perseverance as well as interesting insider tips and all about the fashion industry woven into a beautiful tapestry of Ayanda's Fashion House. We're looking forward for the show going from strength to strength."

"Ayanda's Fashion House fits in perfectly with the vision of [ED]. The vision of [ED] is one of engaging and inspiring young people who are embarking on their particular career paths. So this particular signature programme speaks strongly to the positioning of [ED]," says Trish Taylor.

"I was born in Springs in the East Rand in 1991," says Ayanda Nhlapo who went to primary school in Brakpan and then to the National School of the Arts to study dramatic arts. After high school she went to study film, but wasn't really happy.

She took a gap year and joined an agency and started selling vintage clothing. "For me that's when I got into fashion and started realising my passion".

I took part in a series called Young Designers and won the third season. Those were all the signs that were leading me to where I am today. I decided to study fashion design and after that I got the opportunity to be the presenter of Ayanda's Fashion House".

"Ayanda's Fashion House is a show that gives insight about the different facets of the fashion industry. Being the anchor of the show, I'm so honoured because I get to learn so much - and I also get to teach people through interviewing guests like up and coming designers or fashion experts."

"I feel that if I grew up watching a show like this, I would have learnt so much - I would maybe have picked up on my love of fashion sooner, and I would have had advance fashion knowledge," says Ayanda Nhlapo.

"Ayanda's Fashion House is a show that is definitely, definitely needed. It's a platform for different voices - it's a platform for all kinds of voices from the fashion world".