Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Generations actress Manaka Ranaka drives over and kills a schoolgirl; Prehalin Naidoo who killed Simba Mhere claims his car had a mechanical fault.

The Generations actress Manaka Ranaka has knocked down and killed a schoolgirl in a car crash, while the speeding driver who killed the Top Billing presenter Simba Mhere on SABC3 claims his car was "faulty".

This part Friday the SABC1 Generations  -The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka ran over and killed a schoolgirl on the R554 road to Leondale near the highway in Roodekop, according to the Ekurhuleni Emergency Services.

The 18-year old grade 12 girl, Millicent Mbonani from the Leondale High School died on the scene when Manaka Ranaka in her BMW crashed into her and killed her.

Manaka Ranaka will likely face a culpable homicide charge.

Meanwhile the speeding Preshalin Naidoo who killed Simba Mhere and Kady-Shay O-Bryan in January on the William Nicol Drive offramp from the N1 highway in Johannesburg in his Polo GTI, is claiming in court the accident happened because the vehicle was faulty.

Preshalin Naidoo in the Randburg Magistrate's Court claims he lot control of his speeding vehicle due to "a suspension problem" on the front right side of his car.

"To say mechanical failure is the cause at this late stage is disappointing news for the family without seeing any support documents," says Ryan Harrison, on behalf of Simba Mhere's family.

"There has never been allegations of mechanical failure of the vehicle."

Prehalin Naidoo is facing two counts of culpable homicide.