Thursday, September 17, 2015

Today's interesting TV stories to read from TV with Thinus - 17 September 2015

The new 7th season of The Wendy Williams Show just started.
Daily American talk show can be seen on BET on DStv and StarSat in South Africa again (and its also loaded daily on the show's YouTube channel).

Criticism of MultiChoice's ad breaks on DStv.
Why is there not more variety in the in-house ads on DStv?
Meanwhile ad expert Chris Moerdyk has the exact same complain about boring in-house ads, like those on CNN International (DStv 410).

News anchor David Muir's make-up sessions.
TV news executives at ABC News are concerned that his make-up is hurting ratings. David Muir apparently likes to apply his foundation himself, but he comes across as too orange. "His colour is off".

StarTimes in Africa also increasing pay-TV prices again.
After MultiChoice hikes prices for DStv in Africa for a 2nd time this year, China's StarTimes follows DStv's lead, also with a 2nd price hike in monthly subscriptions, also from 1 October.
StarTimes explains the 2nd increase in 6 months, saying it's prompted by buying new content - specifically all that exclusive sport: the Bundesliga and Italian football Serie A - for which South African StarSat subscribers have to pay R99 extra as an additional add-on package.

Another SABC journalist, Tumelo Zulu, attacked.
After last month's assault of a SABC cameraman, now Tumelo Zulu was verbally abused in a racist attack, breaking car windows.

Why in American TV, Shonda Rhimes is still Hollywood's exception.
When it comes to women in television, getting work in primetime television in the United States is still an uphill battle.

The BBC should give up on EastEnders, says TV executive.
BBC licence fees (like SABC TV licence fee) slammed as "most regressive system".

Zimbabwe's dilapidated state broadcaster refused to broadcast Robert Mugabe's speech live.
Feared that viewers will see how the aging dictator is being heckled.
The 91 year old idiot who doesn't want to relinquish power ended up reading out the wrong speech anyway at the opening of Zimbabwe's parliament without even realising it. Nobody stopped him - as he read out his old August speech of how China must come to Zimbabwe's rescue.

Cough, cough. First TV commercial for e-cigarette on South African television in primetime. on Monday disgustingly broadcast the first TV advert for toxic e-cigarettes that's bad for your health. doesn't seem to care for the health of its viewers, showing the first commercial in primetime for an e-cigarette since the Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act of 1999 that banned cigarette advertising in South Africa.

Dereliction of duty by parliament to appoint new SABC board members
Why is parliament's portfolio committee on communications not filling the numerous vacancies on the unstable SABC board?
Meanwhile parliament says it notes the concern regarding SABC board vacancies and that "a way forward will be discussed".
"battle is looming" over the lack of appointments at the SABC board, reports The Star.

Pay-TV market in Africa set for a massive surge.
Huge subscriber growth in pay-TV in Africa coming, according to new report. MultiChoice's GOtv DTT service alone will gain 5.84 million subscribers between 2014-20 to reach 7.5 million. StarTimes will grow by 4.39 million. DStv will remain the wealthiest operator.

StarTimes will unveil a film and dubbing studio in 2016.
Studio in Nairobi, Kenya will translate Chinese movies and shows into Swahili for East and Central Africa.

How having less TV channels as part of your pay-TV subscription
ironically leads to less content being produced in the first place, meaning less television.

Reality TV rules are helping Donald Trump advance
in the race for the upcoming American election