Thursday, September 3, 2015

MultiChoice's DStv Content Showcase in Mauritius 2015: A summary of the programming upfront and news so far: Day 3

So MultiChoice is having a MultiChoice Content Showcase at the Outrigger Mauritius Resort & Spa in Mauritius.

South African press and TV critics not welcome and not told about it beforehand. I'm covering it anyway since there's a lot of must-know television and channels news that pertains to South Africa and the broader TV industry, and that's noteworthy.

For day 1 and day 2 news and stories check here with links to further articles.

Thursday 3 September
The morning kicked off with a Zee World (DStv 166) presentation. Sadly and unprofessionally, no information was issued to press not actually at the event.

(It's honestly exactly what I expected and thought of first, and thought would happen when I first heard about it taking place - PR people off on a junket and care a bat's behind about what happens to actualy information dissemination).

Zee World Africa apparently says it will be bringing Bollywood to Africa and start to produce content in Africa for the channel. But I have literally nothing to share.

Besides perhaps that Zee World is working on bringing "classics" (whatever that is) like The Promise to the channel. There will also be older movies coming to Zee World. It sounds wonderful.

Zee World (that by the way dumped the PR agency two months ago that they've been using) also didn't respond to a direct media enquiry I made this afternoon. My guess is that Zee World marketing Linda Oliphant is herself in Mauritius.

Here is some of what Ratna Siriah, Zee World business head had to say.

Likewise nothing from Viacom International Media Networks Africa (VIMN Africa) who played games with media on Wednesday night like slushing and lip synch battles and provide channels like MTV, MTV Base, BET and Comedy Central.

"Viacom will be premiering loads of fresh new content across all our channels on the DStv platform in the coming months and we can't wait for Africa to see," said Nickelodeon marketing manager Lindi Davids. Beyond that no programming specifics or information ... nothing.

Meanwhile MultiChoice Africa CEO Tim Jacobs started sitting for interviews (like this one explaining why MultiChoice hiked prices by another 15%) . He says DStv subscriptions wwill come down again after the just introduced 2nd price hike of 15% if the Kenya Shilling recovers against the US Dollar.

It follows yesterday's panel discussion and media conference in which Tim Jacobs said this and this about South Africa's ShowMax and this about piracy and the possibility of offering a sports DStv bouquet.

A+E Networks UK who had panelists like Sarah Williams-Robbins did a presentation on Thursday morning as well. Information in a well-timed press release was also issued to South African press.

Noteworthy announcements include the renewal of Pawn Stars South Africa on History (DStv 186) for a second season; a special episode of Fifth Gear which will form part of the new season also coming to History, Lifetime (DStv 131) lifting its ratings 50% quarter to quarter, and the two upcoming special O.J. Simpsons hidden tapes documentaries for October on Crime+Investigation (DStv 170).

Nothing from A+E Networks UK about apparently looking for local African stories to possible produce and put on History.

Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) did a Fun Factory presentation for channels like the Cartoon Network (DStv 301) and Boomerang (DStv 302) this afternoon.

An Evening with Disney - a lawn movie screening with picnic baskets - is set for Thursday evening.
[Here is a run-down of how that went.]

Disney will present on Friday morning.