Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Those SABC blackouts when all SABC TV channels and radio stations went dead? New SABC CEO Frans Matlala promises it won't happen again.

Remember those shocking SABC blackouts in October 2014 when the SABC abruptly went dark and lost all its TV channels and all SABC radio stations due to equipment failure and even the back-up system broke?

The SABC's new CEO Frans Matlala told parliament on Tuesday that it won't happen again.

"I'd like to give comfort that the SABC has since put in place measures to ensure that the power outages that disrupted these on-air services at the beginning of October 2014 have, the measures have been put in place," said Frans Matlala.

"We can provide some assurance that the problem will not re-occur," said Frans Matlala.

"We've since put additional measures that include a UPS bridging system that will ensure that the final control centre and the master control centre of the SABC will transmit eventually to Sentech and at all times will have power," said Frans Matlala.