Thursday, July 9, 2015

Platco Digital adds African religion channel, Shembe Unyazi TV, to OpenView HD from 19 July on channel 254.

Platco Digital's free-to-air OpenView HD (OVHD) satellite TV-platform is adding the African religion channel Shembe Unyazi TV (OVHD 254) as a new TV channel from 19 July.

Platco Digital says there's now 155 000 South African TV households watching TV through OpenView HD.

Platco Digital which sells OpenView HD decoders for R399, which excludes installation costs, says it plans to launch more TV channels on OpenView HD during the year.

Earlier this year OpenView HD lost the Christian TV channel Relevant TV; the community TV station Alex TV disappeared abruptly after its broadcasting licence expired; and previously Bi-Cars TV wasl also quietly canned.

Shembe Unyazi TV will show viewers programming around the African relgiion founded by Prophet Isaiah Mloyiswa Shembe, known as Bombela, in 1910 and which has 8 million followers in Southern Africa.

The religion is currently under the leadership of iNkosi M.D. Shembe, known as Unyaziwezulu, who claims to have the same healing and prophetic power as his forefather.

"We are thrilled to be the first platform to bring the followers of Shembe Unyazi a TV station and introduce the Shembe culture and practices to the greater South African population," says Ziyanda Mngomezulu, channels acquisitions executive at Platco Digital.

"Shembe Unyazi now allows their followers to get the Shembe message on a more regular basis. We believe that this is a positive addition to the OpenView HD platform," says Ziyanda Mngomezulu.

Half hour shows on Shembe Unyazi TV will include Uthini UShembe Emhlabeni, the channel's flagship show with the preachings of uNyazi, Vuzeleleka Moya Wami (preaching of the elders), Umgidi Wonyazi (spiritual dance by men, women and maidens), Umyakazo Wonyazi (one day trips of Unyazi), Ushembe Namasiko (presented by Sizwe Majola about traditions and culture), and Ushembe Nomuntu Omusha (youth programme).

Siyamudumisa will deal with artists' performances and poets at different temples when preachers are inaugurated and Imicimbi will cover weddings, imemulo and traditional events.

Vukanathi Sokhanyiso is a morning service, Lalanathi is an evening service, and Sisuka eNtabazwe is a documentary that will trace the footprints of the founder of this religion and discuss his prophecies.