Tuesday, April 7, 2015

BREAKING. Relevant TV gone from OpenView HD; Alex TV also abruptly disappears from OpenView HD after its broadcasting licence expires.

Relevant TV channel (OVHD 253) is gone from OpenView HD with no warning to OpenView HD viewers or telling the press, while the community TV station Alex TV also disappeared abruptly and went off the air without warning after its broadcasting licence expired.

Although Relevant TV and Alex TV are still sold to OpenView HD viewers as two of the available channels on the satellite TV platform's channel line-up on its website, Relevant TV and Alex TV have both been scrapped, with no word from OpenView HD as to why.

The shocking and sudden termination of Relevant TV, a non-denominational, multi-national Christian lifestyle TV channel with Joshua McCauley as founder, is apparently due to Relevant TV no longer forming a part of the "focus" of OpenView HD which is run by Sabido's Platco Digital division.

"Relevant TV will be off air due to unforeseen circumstances that the channel could not avoid," says OpenView HD.

Furious OpenView HD viewers who got no warning nor any explanation are fuming about the abrupt removal of Relevant TV which was added to OpenView HD in September 2014.

"Please take the necessary action to rectify your unforseen circumstances," said OpenView HD viewer Viv Mellows.

The community TV channel Alex TV (OVHD 453), stylised as lx tv, is also abruptly gone from OpenView HD without prior warning to viewers or the press.

Alex TV's licence apparently expired since the TV channel covering the Alexandra township started broadcasting in May 2014.

In response to a media enquiry made on Tuesday about Alex TV going dark, Maxwell Nonge, the managing director of Platco Digital said "the channel is in the process of renewing its broadcast licence with the regulating body".

In response to a media enquiry made on Tuesday about Relevant TV, Maxwell Nonge says "the channel is ending its contract due to business contraints. Viewers can look forward to the introduction of more channels on the platform over the course of the year".