Thursday, June 4, 2015

Universal Channel on DStv gets new sci-fi spaceship drama, Dark Matter; also adds new crime drama Bosch.

You're reading it here first.

The Universal Channel (DStv 117) is advancing with first-run content in high definition with the brand-new science fiction spaceship drama Dark Matter which will start on the channel on Thursday 30 July at 20:00.

Meanwhile Bosch, another brand-new crime series with Titus Welliver, is coming to Universal Channel in July although the starting date is unclear.

NBCUniversal Networks International says the new drama based on Michael Connelly's books about the Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch is starting 1 July at 20:50 and will be on Wednesdays.

Dark Matter, based on the comic series of the same name, starts in America on 12 June for a first season of 13 hour long episodes. 

Dark Matter, filmed in Toronto in Canada, revolves around the crew of a spaceship adrift in deep space who wakes up with amnesia and no memories of who they are, what their mission is, or what happened to them.

As the six strangers and one android go about figuring out who they are and what their purpose is, they have to work together as they discover hidden secrets about themselves, space and the spaceship.

Dark Matter, from the writers of Stargate SG-1, will be shown in 86 countries by NBCUniversal Networks International on the Syfy channel, or on the Universal Channel in places like South Africa where MultiChoice doesn't carry Syfy as a TV channel on DStv.

"Dark Matter is a refreshing and entertaining space opera that blends an intriguing premise with fast-paced suspense," said Chris Regina, the senior vice president for programming at Syfy.