Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sky News moving and repositioning global correspondents Dominic Waghorn, Mark Stone and Robert Nisbet.

Sky News (DStv 402) is moving correspondents Dominic Waghorn, Mark Stone and Robert Nisbet with replacements for each of them.

Dominic Waghorn, Sky News' United States correspondent in Washington has been appointed as diplomatic editor. Sky News hasn't yet said who is replacing Dominic Waghorn as US correspondent.

Mark Stone, Sky News' Asia correspondent is being moved to Brussels where he will become Sky News' new Europe correspondent. Katie Stallard will replace Mark Stone as Asia correspondent, based in Beijing.

Robert Nisbet who has been Sky News' Europe correspondent has been appointed as political correspondent in the United Kingdom. Sky News says Robert Nisbet will bring his wealth of experience to cover the political scene in the UK.

"Dominic, Mark, Katie and Robert are first class journalists who'll bring a huge amount of expertise and journalist endeavour to their new roles, offering our customers the very best analysis from their respective beats," says Jonathan Levy, the director of news gathering for Sky News.