Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SHOCKING FAIL. M-Net mess up Grey's Anatomy by showing the trailer of the characters dealing with the aftermath of his death ... but before McDreamy dies.

How pathetic can you get? M-Net and DStv subscribers who didn't know that Patrick Dempsey's character of McDreamy is getting killed off in Grey's Anatomy got the sad shock of their lives when M-Net (DStv 101) ridiculously started broadcasting the trailer for the next episode before even airing the actual episode in which the character got killed off.

M-Net started marketing and promoting the episode of the characters dealing with the shocking fall-out of Derek Shepard's untimely death - but showing it before the episode on Monday night in which the character dies.

Suddenly viewers were treated to sobbing, sad and shocked people at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in the teaser who are bereaved over McDreamy who died - before M-Net actually ran the episode of the character dying.

"Epic fail," wrote Raksha Nagaser. "Thanks for the spoiler about Grey's Anatomy before we even watched tonight's episode".

M-Net is now apologising for error. "M-Net apologises for incorrectly screening next week's Grey's Anatomy teaser before tonight's show. We are investigating and will feed back," says the South African pay-TV broadcaster.