Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New docu-series, Legends & Lies, on FOX News Channel on StarSat explores the lives of infamous Wild West characters.

Legends & Lies has just started on FOX News Channel (StarSat 261), a new 10-part series, done documentary style, about the cowboys, outlaws and other iconic real-life characters of America's Wild West.

Legends & Lies is executive produced by Bill O'Reilly and produced by Warm Springs Productions.

South African viewers and StarSat subscribers can watch Legends & Lies which is shown on Sundays nights in America and which started this past Sunday night, at 02:00 on Monday mornings in South Africa.

Jesse James, David Crockett, Doc HollidayKit Carson and Black Bart are some of the infamous Wild West characters featured in the Legends & Lies episodes.

Direct descendants are interviewed in the series, as well as historians who speak and explain the lives of these Wild West figures together with archival photographs, dramatic recreations and special effects.