Thursday, April 16, 2015

BREAKING. StarTimes Novela E3 channel on StarSat rebranding to StarTimes Zone; moving away from just telenovelas to general entertainment.

You're reading it here first.

The StarTimes Novela E3 (StarSat 129) TV channel on StarSat is rebranding and changing from this coming Monday to a more general entertainment TV channel which will now be known as StarTimes Zone.

The StarSat TV channel is picking up the Zone moniker after M-Net just dropped "Zone" when it rebranded its M-Net Series Zone TV channel on DStv to M-Net City on 6 April.

From Monday StarTimes Novela E3, which used to show just telenovelas dubbed into English, will become a broader, general entertainment TV channel as StarTimes Zone, on the same channel number.

StarTimes Zone will still show some telenovelas (of which a large amount will be repeats), but StarTimes Zone's channel positioning will shift from predominantly being a telenovela channel to becoming a general entertainment channel which will now include movies and TV series.