Friday, May 2, 2014

BREAKING. Alex TV, now called lx tv, added to OpenView HD (OVHD) as a new TV channel, covering life in Alexandra township.

Alex TV, stylised as lx tv, has launched as a new TV channel on Sabido Investment Limited's OpenView HD (OVHD) free-to-air satellite TV platform in South Africa on channel 453.

The TV channel with Lucky Siwela as chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder, revolves around covering and mirroring the life and issues of the vibrant, yet impoverished South African township and "suburb" of Alexandra.

More than 900 000 people call Alex home in the four kilometre radius adjacent to the wealthy Sandton business district of Johannesburg.

Alex TV, or now lx tv, started broadcasting exactly a year ago in May 2013 for three hours per day, with a staff of five producers and 10 different shows.

Now lx tv as a South African community TV station will get broader exposure and be available to a national TV audience since it launched on OVHD on 1 May at 18:00. The station's new slogan is "You have arrived" and programming loops for 24 hours per day.

Alex TV, or lx tv, is relaunching it's programming offering and schedule in conjunction with its launch and new availability on OVHD with new shows. Alex TV will also work with journalists from Eyewitness News to help with news and presentation training.

Shows on lx tv include Icon, billed as a "celebration of the heroes and heroines that have been leading the quest to develop the township" and presented by Nothemba Sulupha, healthy lifestyle show Booty Curves presented by Shirley Mthombeni and Thando Dahza fronting the talk show Girls Prerogrative.

Between the Sheets is a show focusing on relationships, Tagged is a gossip show and Monate Fela is a music programme.

Soon lx tv plans to add feature films revolving around, depicting and speaking about life in Alexandra.