Monday, March 2, 2015

M-Net taking part in World CSI Day as new spin-off, CSI: Cyber, wants to set a world record with a global broadcast on Wednesday 4 March.

You're reading it here first.

Wednesday 4 March will be "World CSI Day" and I can reveal and break the news that M-Net and South Africa will be joining in with the American TV network CBS which plans to set a new Guinness World Record for Largest Ever TV Drama Simulcast to launch the new CSI spin-off drama-series CSI: Cyber.

On Wednesday CBS plans to show the 14th season CSI episode entitled "Kitty" worldwide in 150 countries - it will happen at 02:00 on Wednesday morning in South Africa.

This CSI broadcast will include South Africa and M-Net who tells TV with Thinus the pay-TV broadcaster is definitely taking part in the attempt to break the world record through the special airing of the episode.

This planted episode which was shown mid-2014 in the US and South Africa serves as the start of the new CSI spin-off, CSI: Cyber with Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek which will start on Wednesday 4 March on CBS in America.

M-Net (DStv 101) has the broadcasting rights for CSI: Cyber which will start on Wednesday 24 March at 21:30 on the pay-TV broadcaster, with the latest 15th season of CSI currently occupying the same timeslot.

CBS says that with the CSI episode to mark the global start of CSI: Cyber it wants to break the record for the largest TV drama simulcast which was set by the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who which was shown in 98 countries across six continents in November 2013.

"When CSI premiered, I had no idea it would become the sensational global franchise it is today," says Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI franchise and co-creator and executive producer of CSI: Cyber.

"CSI has taken on Las Vegas, Miami, New York and now, with CSI: Cyber we dive into the vast world of cyber crime, where we can instantly be connected to anyone, anywhere in the world at any time. I can't think of a better way to kick off CSI: Cyber and celebrate 15 years of international success than with a worldwide simulcast."

"CSI blazed a trail when it introduced the world to 'feature' television with its unique storytelling and innovative production values," says Nina Tassler, chairperson of CBS Entertainment.

"This groundbreaking show introduced the field of forensics into the cultural zeitgeist, and it's a tribute to the vibrancy of the franchise that 15 years later, it can evolve yet again and dive into the cutting-edge field of cyber crime with CSI: Cyber".

"The CSI franchise has been a center piece of television schedules around the world for the past 15 years," says Armando Nuñez, the president and CEO of CBS Global Distribution Group.

"We are thrilled to celebrate this anniversary through a global simulcast event, supported by the licensees who have made the original series such a powerful brand in their markets."