Monday, March 9, 2015

FASHION FAIL. Awkward red carpet fashion flop at the 3rd AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards 2015 as the '360 ring' fails to work.

The amateur produced and laughably inept live red carpet coverage pre-show of Saturday's 3rd AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria was a fashion fail when the newly-introduced "360 ring" turned out to be a fashion flop.

Eku Edewor, dressed like a golden doily and Uti Nwachukwu breathlessly told viewers that the "360 ring" - ominously sounding like some type of a new contraceptive device - will capture "every angle". Only it didn't.

The amateur-looking "360 ring" with makeshift camera tripods facing a black masking tape cross, looked like dressed-up Native American wigwams with lightning rods involved in an occultic ritual. It also didn't work.

Behind the trends and times, the 3rd AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards 2015 introduced the "360 ring" for the first time just as E! Entertainment (DStv 124) this year did away with its Glam Cam 360, Mani Cam and Clutch Cam at the Oscars after celebrities complained it.

"Lucky for me, I'm the first subject," said Eku Edewor, as she tried to show viewers on the big TV monitor to her side how the "360 ring" works - or was supposed to work.

"As you can see how the 360 works, once we have you on screen, we can actually see all angles of your outfit."

"Where's the behind?" asked Uti Mwachukwu. "Where's the back view?" he asked again.

"Oh. No back views here," said Uti Mwachukwu.

The "360 ring" which is meant to "capture all angles" and give a "360 degree view" apparently didn't capture all angles.

"We don't have a back view. That's because my dress is pretty much the same all the way around," said Eku Edewor as she tried in vain to press various slides on the screen to get it to pop up. "It's an amazing device."