Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BBC Entertainment on DStv botched Sunday's Top Gear episode. What happened and how is it being fixed?

Viewers are furious after BBC Entertainment (DStv 120) botched the play-out of the episode of Top Gear on Sunday on MultiChoice's DStv.

Two days later there is yet to be any explanation or a statement from BBC Worldwide or BBC Entertainment to the South African press on what happened and what is being done about it.

Something went wrong on Sunday with the BBC Worldwide provided TV channel on DStv, with viewers who lost, and didn't see chunks of the Top Gear episode.

Viewers say they saw ads and not parts of the Top Gear episode. It's not clear why it happened, or whether the episode will be repeated this coming Sunday as a new episode, or what is going to happen.

UPDATE 13:28 Tuesday 10 March - I'm hearing back from the BBC, who says they've had enquiries and put together the following statement which was used on its Facebook and Twitter pages:

"Due to an error at playout, the ad breaks for episode 7 of Top Gear S22 on Sunday 8th March on BBC Entertainment were inserted incorrectly."

"We sincerely apologise to our audience for any interruption to their viewing experience and we can assure viewers that this has now been resolved and the full episode can be seen on Wednesday 11th March at 20:00 or alternatively on Sunday 15th March at 19:45."