Saturday, February 7, 2015

WHO KNEW? Austin & Ally on The Disney Channel cancelled; 4th season will be the teen sitcom's final season with 20 episodes.

No more Zaliens?? When did this happen? Austin & Ally on The Disney Channel (DStv 303) has been cancelled and the teen sitcom's upcoming 4th season which just started in the United States will be the final season with 20 episodes.

No cancellation of Austin & Ally was ever announced, although producers quietly noted that they're planning the "4th season's series finale".

On Friday, Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line in an interview with Laura Marano also casually mentioned Austin & Ally's "fourth and final season".

In the interview with TV Line Laura Marano confirms that "this is the final season, so it's bittersweet."

"We always kind of compare it too our senior year of high school. We're moving on from these friendships, these really kind of family relationships that we have gained through the years, but it’s like, "We're moving onto college."

Editor's note: I didn't use to watch Austin & Ally and then one day I happened to watch an episode. I was hooked.

I quickly caught up by first recording and watching through dozens and dozens of Austin & Ally episodes during marathon weekends on The Disney Channel.

The structure is very Friends like; each of the characters are so unique and funny, and the sitcom has a hilarious over-the-top quality. (Austin = Ross, Ally = Rachel, Trish = Chandler, Dez = Joey/Phoebe)

If you've never watched you won't understand any of it, but there's the Zaliens, sarcastic Trish who always has a new job since she keeps getting fired, Austin who's actually emo, ditzy Ally and the dear Dez who's actually delusional and takes everything on face value.

Out of all the TV I have to watch as a TV critic, Austin & Ally is on my list of personal TV shows I watch for just sheer enjoyment, over weekend. It makes me laugh for real, and very few sitcoms left on TV truly still manages to do that.