Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BREAKING. Longtime eNCA anchor Gareth Edwards finally done with being moved all over the dial; Dudu Ramela taking over in timeslot.

The exceptionally hardworking, diligent workhorse, and longtime eNCA (DStv 403) anchor Gareth Edwards is finally done after years of undeservingly being moved everywhere over the eNCA timeslot spectrum, finally stepping away from the achor desk to be replaced by Dudu Ramela in eNCA's lethargic 16:00 to 18:00 timeslot.

The highly informed, eloquent reader and skilled interviewer Gareth Edwards will become eNCA's new social media editor and is taking over from Damon Boyd who've left eNCA.

The shift comes after he never got his just reward for literally stepping in at short notice.

Gareth Edwards anchored basically every conceivable eNCA timeslot over different periods over the last few years - from early mornings to late nights to weekends to this week even anchoring Moneyline at 21:00 - and excelled in all, making him virtually eNCA's most valuable player and the channel's bona fide best bet to "step in and save" when it comes to its entire phalanx of on-air news talent.

Dudu Ramela is now taking over after having joined eNCA permanently, and will anchor the doldrum late afternoon timeslot where TV news audiences are at their lowest before a renewed surge at early primetime sees viewership start to spike again.

Dudu Ramela will show up on viewers' screens on eNCA at 16:00 from Monday 17 November and says she is "honoured" to anchor the afternoon timeslot on the 24-hour TV news channel after working as a freelancer for eNCA for almost three years.

In a statement likely concealing years of pent-up frustration which Gareth Edwards professionally kept under wraps, he says he wants to take "a step in a new direction".

"Having worked in the TV space for six years I am looking forward to the new challenge of bringing digital and TV closer together".

Gareth Edwards will still make appearances on eNCA as well as "a guest on headline shows as required" says the channel.

"As a born communicator with an excellent news sense, Gareth was the obvious choice for the position of social media editor," says Tim Spira, the head of eNCA Online.

"Gareth has made an incredibly valuable contribution to eNCA and has distinguished himself as a true professional," says eNCA.

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