Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The new M-Net Edge channel on DStv makes you 'feint' - not because of the scary, but because of the small print.

Maybe someone will fix it. Eventually.

The new M-Net packaged TV channel, M-Net Edge (DStv 102) started on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform last night for DStv Premium subscribers.

There's very little text on the programming boards but M-Net still managed to get it wrong and make mistakes.

The person who created it and typed the text got it wrong, the person who was supposed to supervise it didn't know better and let it through, and whoever at M-Net is overall in charge of the on-screen look of M-Net Edge and who is running M-Net Edge isn't looking, checking or just doesn't care.

And that after having had months to create it, check it and to get it perfect.

On Monday night I randomly switched to M-Net Edge. The very first thing I saw was this, and it instantly created the impression that M-Net Edge is not very professional, and that the meticulous care and attention in creating every detail of the new premium TV channel didn't really take place.

It's not "feint" of heart but "faint" of heart.

"Begins" is the wrong word. It should be "starts".

A game, a match, a movie, a TV show always "starts". Something more "formal" where there is some action taking place by a group of people, like a class or a play, usually "begins" at a certain time.