Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nigeria threatens South Africa with a boycott against MultiChoice's DStv, MTN, over arms deal scandal payment seizure.

Nigeria is threatening South Africa with a boycott of South African companies and brands like MultiChoice's DStv and MTN if the an arms deal scandal is not resolved soon which saw the South African govermment freeze a $5.7 million transaction.

According to AFP an official of Nigeria's National Security Advisor (NSA) said that $5.7 million in a deal brokered by a South African firm had been frozen by the South African government after it was transferred to the South African firm.

The Nigerian National Security Advisor made a thinly veiled threat that there will be retaliation in Nigerian against big companies like MultiChoice and MTN operating in Nigeria if the arms deal scandal is not resolved.

"You cannot be making so much money from Nigeria and then turn around and embarrass the people," the Nigerian NSA official said, denying any wrongdoing in the transaction.

"We want to state clearly that a business transaction actually took place between a legitimate company in Nigeria and another legitimate one in South Africa through the bank," said the advisor, mentioning how Nigeria has provided "a beneficial environment for South African companies like MTN, DStv and a host of others to do business unhindered."

"It is hope that South Africa would reciprocate this noble gesture," the advisor said.

According to City Press, South Africa's Asset Forfeiture Unit of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says the money was the proceed of illegal transactions.