Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LET IT GO? FOX channels and EPG on StarSat FROZEN up again - for 20 hours already and counting ... meanwhile silence from FIC and StarSat.

You almost expect to see a snowman: Once again terribly bad non-service has StarSat subscribers fuming, as once again the FOX channels supplied by FOX International Channels Africa (FIC Africa) are stuck on frozen ... for 20 and a half hours now and counting - complete with a broken non-existent EPG for these channels, and also affecting the recently added FOX Movie channels this time.

Neither StarSat operated by On Digital Media (ODM), nor FIC Africa has spoken to StarSat subscribers and FOX channels viewers to explain what is going on, why is has happened, when it would be fixed, or issued any apology of any kind.

Meanwhile StarSat subscribers and FOX channels viewers are paying for a service they're not getting - not even the courtesy of a response, an apology or a reason why their TV channels are frozen up.

It's a case of FOX fracas for FIC Africa and StarSat which has seen multiple previous problems with the FOX supplied channels earlier this year, again and again - and now again.

It first happened in February this year when FOX and FX just completely went black with no warning, explanation or apology, then again in April this year when FOX Crime disappeared, then the next month when FOX Crime and FOX again froze and were beset with technical troubles.

Neither FIC Africa nor StarSat has in the past given a real explanation for what is happening, why it has happened, and why it continues to happen - and will likely again not say, or be able to say why StarSat subscribers keep seeing some of the FOX channels freezing up for hours and days at a time.

Previously StarSat subscribers saw their FOX channels blacking out, pixelating or experiencing some broadcast problems making them impossible to watch.

This time StarSat subscribers are outraged over the recently added FOX Movies channels and the FOX Crime channel being stuck on frozen since Monday evening. The electronic programme guide (EPG) for these channels are also not working.

"They don't consider ordinary StarSat subscribers important enough to warrant a reply to this question. Shame, StarSat is just not cutting it," one subscriber told TV with Thinus on Tuesday afternoon after FOX Crime and FOX Movies have been effective off-air for almost a day.

"FOX Movies and FOX Crime are STILL frozen. 20 and a half hours???" wrote Steven John Browne on Tuesday afternoon at 14:15.

"FOX Crime and FOX Movies went blank and you guys can't even give people an apology or even an explanation," wrote Dianne William-Hartley. "Have these channels been taken off air or what the hell is going on?"

"FOX Movies and FOX Crime are still frozen," wrote Philani Hlongwane.

Both FIC Africa and StarSat's PR companies told TV with Thinus on Tuesday afternoon in response to a media enquiry that they're asking FOX and StarSat's technical team what is going on.

UPDATE 16:05 - StarSat is issuing a short statement to TV with Thinus saying: "StarSat would like to apologise to our subscribers for the freezing of the FOX Crime and FOX Movie channels due to a break in the link. The problem is receiving our urgent attention and we are working with the supplier of the link to resolve the problem."

UPDATE 16:16 - The PR company speaking on behalf of FIC Africa tells me that the problem is StarSat's issue and that StarSat should be speaking regarding the problems being experienced.