Thursday, October 9, 2014

EXCLUSIVE. The Real Jozi A-Listers coming to VUZU AMP on DStv; will the 'cast' be gay, vapid, American ... or actually be B-Listers?

You're reading it here first. 

It's not clear whether they will all be gay like The A-List: New York and The A-List: Dallas but one of the new shows which will be coming to VUZU AMP (DStv 114) will be the new reality show The Real Jozi A-Listers.

There's not a definite starting date yet for The Real Jozi A-Listers on VUZU AMP and I've been told there's some drama behind-the-scenes already with securing talent but the show could make for some interesting viewing if the show is able to find interesting personalities.

Shows like Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E! Entertainment, Dineo's Diary on Vuzu and several of The Real Housewives versions suffer from vapid, self-centered and boring personalities or really bad production values - or a combination of both - which often self-sabotage these shows and make them unwatchable or a joke.

For The Real Jozi A-Listers to work the contestants characters will have to be real A-Listers - yet these true A-Listers with their platinum credit cards value their privacy tucked away behind high-walled mansions in exclusive suburbs and are often not willing to partake in something like a banal B-grade reality show.

The Real Jozi A-Listers could be a redemption vehicle for instance for someone like an Oscar Pistorius who is was a real A-Lister - yet often these productions acquire the Reeva Steenkamps of the world - the people in some way attached to the real A-Lister but not in their own right yet an A-Lister.

Where Clifton Shores on Vuzu showed the beauty of Cape Town and was beautifully filmed, it's biggest failure in attracting and keeping viewer attention was that the "cast" were predominantly American girls, making it difficult for South African viewers to relate.

VUZU AMP is not yet willing to say who will appear in The Real Jozi A-Listers or what the episode order is; hopefully the show on the new TV channel supplied by M-Net and starting from 13 October at 17:00 won't be a waste of time.