Thursday, October 9, 2014

BREAKING. CBS Drama on DStv removes 7th Heaven from the schedule in the wake of self-confessed child molester Stephen Collins.

You're reading it here first.

CBS Drama (DStv 134) on MultiChoice's DStv is removing the family drama 7th Heaven from its schedule following the self-confession of actor Stephen Collins who played pastor Eric Camden in the show, that he molested various underage girls.

CBS Drama, supplied by AMC Networks International Zone in London to MultiChoice, is dumping 7th Heaven, following the lead of American TV channels like UP TV and The TV Guide Network which immediately ended reruns of the show.

TMZ on Tuesday released the shocking audio of the former 7th Heaven star admitting to multiple cases of child molestation and his ex-wife calling him a pedophile.

CBS Drama has been showing the second season of 7th Heaven on weekdays.

Stephen Collins, seeking help for sex addiction from a therapist was secretly recorded making the admission of multiple instances of child molestation.