Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Martina Stoessel is back in the new second season of Violetta on The Disney Channel on weekdays at 16:10.

The second season of Violetta has started on The Disney Channel (DStv 303), with new episodes every weekdat at 16:10 as Violetta (Martina Stoessel) is back with most of the rest of the gang at Studio 21.

In the first season of this song-filled teen soap, viewers saw Violetta return to her home town of Buenos Aires with her dad after having lived in Europe for a few years, making new friends, having to choose between two boys and trying to get a singing career going.

Ludmilla is still there, as well as Francesca and Camila and Olga the housekeeper. 

Her dad is still as overprotective as ever and of course there's boys, boys, boys everywhere - and brand-new songs: more than 20 which include solos, duets and group songs performed by the characters in various musical genres.