Monday, August 18, 2014

REACTION OVER FIRED GENERATIONS CAST: 'Devastating that SABC's Generations crisis escalated to this point' - SOS Coalition

You're reading it here first.

The civil society pressure group for public broadcasting, SOS Coalition calls the wholesale firing of the Generations cast on SABC1 today "devastating" and is asking why the SABC is not doing more to build and retain local  TV talent.

TV with Thinus asked the SOS Coalition for its reaction and comment on the shocking, massive firing of the Generations cast which is reverberating through the South African TV industry.

"We think it is devastating that the SABC's Generations crisis has escalated to this point. Generations is such an important local production," says the SOS Coalition.

"The SABC should be working with production houses to ensure fair working conditions. It is in the interest of the SABC to build a local production industry that builds and retains local talent. What is the SABC doing to ensure this?" asks the SOS Coalition.

The Generations cast was fired today following a second strike the united actors embarked on since Monday.

It was their second strike in 10 months at the soap over exactly the same issues of wanting three year contracts from the SABC as it was promised in 2013, better paying contracts, as well as back payment for rebroadcasts and international sales of the show  - all issues that the SABC promised to give attention but failed to do.