Thursday, August 14, 2014

MultiChoice enables high definition TV channels for lower-tiered DStv bouquets which have HD channels included in their bouquets.

MultiChoice is enabling high definition (HD) viewing for lower-tiered bouquets, now allowing DStv subscribers on bouquets other than DStv Premium which receive HD channels, to watch those channels in HD as well.

It means that DStv Extra subscribers will be able to see 6 TV channels in HD, that DStv Compact subscribers will be able to see 4 TV channels in HD, and that DStv Family and DStv Select subscribers will be able each see 1 TV channel in HD.

DStv Access and DStv EasyView subscribers have no HD channels included in the respective bouquets.

Non DStv Premium subscribers will have to have HD or HD Ready TV sets, as well as HD capable DStv decoders in order to see TV channels in high definition. The HD switch roll-out will happen within this week and non DStv Premium subscribers don't need to adjust settings.

"High definition has become the standard for premium television around the world," says Mark Rayner, the chief operating officer (COO) for MultiChoice South Africa.

"HD television significantly enhances the viewing experience. We can't wait for our customers to start enjoying their DStv entertainment in crystal clear HD quality".