Saturday, August 2, 2014

BREAKING. M-Net and MultiChoice abruptly make confusing changes to AfricaMagic TV channels on DStv without any prior warning.

M-Net and MultiChoice abruptly implemented confusing changes to the set of AfricaMagic TV channels on the DStv satellite pay-TV platform, with the Randburg-based pay-TV broadcaster not communicating a word of it prior to the changes to viewers, the press or TV critics.

Meanwhile a confusing and incorrect on-air AfricaMagic promo from M-Net is running, that has channel numbers that touts the new changes - but with an incorrect DStv channel number in the promo that doesn't correspond, in reality, with what the wrong promo says.

The muddled AfricaMagic changes heralds the start of a major M-Net channels restructuring which is likely to also come soon for the set of M-Net Series channels  as well as Vuzu on DStv, all of them also supplied by M-Net to MultiChoice.

Interestingly MultiChoice's DStv electronic programme guide (EPG) and on-screen i-plate has the old names and has not been updated; neither has M-Net and DStv's AfricaMagic website been updated and upgraded with the new brand names and looks.

It creates an amateur-looking switcheroo, confusing DStv subscribers, and a disjointed experience as M-Net plays on-air promos on DStv touting the new channel names and with the channels on DStv having new channel logos - but no new EPG's and an old website.

AfricaMagic Entertainment (DStv 150) has suddenly changed to AfricaMagic Showcase on DStv.

Meanwhile an M-Net on-air promo for AfricaMagic says this channel is on channel 151. Confusingly, channel 151 doesn't exist as a live channel on MultiChoice South Africa's DStv channel line-up.

M-Net didn't bother to communicate the name change and logo change or why it happened to the South African press covering television.

AfricaMagic Movies (DStv 152) is suddenly AfricaMagic Epic Movies; still on channel 152 but with no update to MultiChoice's electronic programme guide (EPG) which still carries the old name of AfricaMagic Movies.

Yet, the new logo and channel ident are used on channel 152. Again no word from M-Net what is happening here.

What used to be AfricaMagic Movies 1 (DStv 153) is all of a sudden suddenly AfricaMagic Urban Movies.

There's zero clarity from M-Netwhat the urban movies are and how the urban movies channel is distinguishing itself from the other channels.

AfricaMagic (DStv 154) is suddenly now called AfricaMagic Family.

AfricaMagic World (DStv 155) remains unchanged.

There's been zero guidance from M-Net on why the M-Net AfricaMagic changes happened, how the various AfricaMagic channel's channel propositions and featured content changed, or why, or how drastically, what each channel now represents, and press release or statements from M-Net's AfricaMagic channel executives or directors.