Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Soweto TV wants to start a Soweto TV Academy as the growing Soweto community TV station celebrates 7 years of broadcasting.

Soweto TV (DStv 251) wants to start a Soweto TV Academy as the successful and growing Soweto-based community TV station just celebrated 7 years of broadcasting since it started a regular TV service on 27 June 2007.

Meshack Mosiya chairperson of the Soweto TV board, says the community TV station which has grown to be watched nationally through satellite television in South Africa, wants to continue to nurture "the raw, unearthed talent in the community by teaching them about broadcasting".

Soweto TV has grown from about 200 000 viewers in 2008 tuning in to township television, to reaching a potential audience of 3,65 million viewers.

"I envision us creating premium content we can sell globally, because Soweto TV can be more than a TV channel, we can be a creative agency and a content provider," says Meshack Mosiya.

"We started with a zero base and a young team of untrained staff," he says.

"We're all about upskilling our team and are striving to teach them everything they need to know. Our aim is to make this a professional team and station," says Wandi Nzimande, Soweto TV station manager.