Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Orange is the new black on Lifetime, as the new female focused channel from A+E Networks UK launches on MultiChoice's DStv in Africa.

Orange is the new black on Lifetime (DStv 131), the new female skewing TV channel which launched on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform on Tuesday night.

A media launch event took place at the same time as the new channel, supplied by A+E Networks UK, started its broadcast across South Africa and Africa on the DStv Premium bouquet.

A+E Networks UK, a joint venture between A+E Networks and BSkyB, already delivers the History and Crime+Investigation channels to DStv.

While the Lifetime channel logo is red and white, what DStv Premium subscribers will predominantly see on-screen is orange and white. Orange and white are the main colours used in the programming boards and title cards on Lifetime.

Around 250 people - TV executives, producers, advertising executives, TV critics and journalists, and ad buyers - gathered at Shine Studios in Braamfontein on Tuesday evening to await the start of Lifetime's transmission on DStv at a media launch event.

The colour theme was orange.

Guest mingled and talked shop and during the official presentation A+E Networks UK and MultiChoice executives spoke.

Afterwards A+E Networks UK did a round table panel interview with those members of the press who didn't just come to sip champagne and grab swag bags but to actually work and do interviews.

(Cringe moment: When an A+E Networks UK executive had to tell a lazy uninformed journalist after a question: "You're actually talking about our competitors".)
There was a green screen photo booth where guests took their photos and were superimposed into photos of shows like SuitsDance Moms and Orphan Black which will be shown on Lifetime.