Tuesday, July 8, 2014

M-Net gives the set of M-Net Movies on DStv an on-air look makeover with a unique appearance fitting every movie channel's theme.

M-Net has given its set of M-Net Movies on MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform an on-air makeover, with new-look links for all the various thematic movie channels.

The new M-Net Movies on-air imaging started last week on 1 July and gone is the white kaleidoscope fins in various colours which used to denote the various thematic movie offerings.


"The M-Net Movies channels launched nearly two years ago and we decided to refresh the look and feel with exciting, brand new imaging to resonate with, and enhance, the viewers' experience of the channel," says Jan du Plessis, M-Net's director: group content services.

From 1 August Jan du Plessis will become M-Net's new director: movies from August at the pay-TV broadcaster, taking over the management of M-Net's set of M-Net Movies channels.

"The original channel imaging with the white background has made way for channel-specific looks for all nine of our M-Net Movies channels," Jan du Plessis tells TV with Thinus.

The premium M-Net Movies Premiere now comes with glittering diamonds for instance; M-Net Movies Comedy comes with splashes of green and yellow paint and the yellow M-Net Movies Family has adorable puppies running around.

M-Net Movies Action+ sports a fiery blast and the pink M-Net Movies Romance has fluttering silk sheets.

The turquoise M-Net Movies Showcase has an ocular theme while the orange M-Net Movies Action has a hotrod spinning away.

M-Net Movies Stars literally is among the stardust with a blue galactic constellation theme, while the copper-toned M-Net Series Zone is evocative of old-school print film negatives.

"The objective was to differentiate the channels," says Jan du Plessis. Apart from the imaging that accompanies the personality of the specific channel, each TV channel now also has its own channel music and voice".

"The logos have not changed as they all still sit in the M-Net Movies family of channels and the movies offering, and the content proposition remains superior," says Jan du Plessis.

"The intention is to focus on the uniqueness of each channel and assist our viewers in navigating through our movie offering. The M-Net Movies channels remain the ultimate movie destination on DStv".

"We used elements and items which best represent the content and personality of each channel in a warm, engaging manner. For M-Net Movies Family - being a family friendly channel - we used puppies for a warm and also cuteness factor".

'To signal the high-quality, premium nature of our flagship movie channel, M-Net Movies Premium, the use of diamonds says it all," says Jan du Plessis.

"The new channel imaging is a great reflection of the unique selling points of each of these movie channels and the specific type of movies on offer".

"Furthermore we believe that the new packaging also contains a choice of the most entertaining line-ups possible, depending on what type of movie you're in the mood for and that underlies M-Net's promise to deliver the most compelling channels possible".