Friday, July 11, 2014

DEVELOPING. FX on StarSat seems on the way out; FX to be replaced by FOX Life according to FOX - although StarSat denies it.

FX (StarSat 132) on On Digital Media's (ODM) StarSat seems to be on the way out - suddenly possibly the next TV channel from Fox International Channels (FIC) that will be culled from the South African satellite pay-TV platform's channel line-up, although StarSat denies it.

FOX Africa is telling StarSat subscribers that FX will be discontinued from sometime in September.

That will make FX the second channel from FOX International Channels (FIC) removed from StarSat since FOX Retro was cut from TopTV, StarSat's previous name, in July last year.

FOX Africa is telling the public that FX will go dark sometime in September on StarSat's platform and will be replaced by FOX Life - the second TV channel from FIC that StarSat announced would be added soon.

FOX Life is a lifestyle and entertainment channel from FIC with more female skewing programming as opposed to FX and the newer FXX (not available in South Africa), which are courting a more male and younger male viewer demographic.

FOX Africa told StarSat subscribers that FOX Life won't be added as a new additional channel on StarSat but will be replacing FX.

"FOX Life will be replacing FX Africa in September," says FOX Africa.

It's not clear, if this is indeed the case, why FOX Life can't simply be added to StarSat while FX remains and why FX must be replaced.

TV with Thinus asked Fox International Channels Africa (FIC Africa) for an official response on Thursday and whether it can confirm the replacement of FX during September, and to explain why FX is being terminated on StarSat, and on what date. So far there's been no official response from FIC Africa.

TV with Thinus also asked StarSat on Thursday for a response about the now cloudy future of FX.

A StarSat spokesperson said on Thursday that "there are no changes to the FOX channels that are about to happen". Asked again on Friday for clarity and whether the response remains the same, StarSat responded again and maintains that "FX is still on-air and no changes are about to happen".

Speculation has instantly flared up that MultiChoice might possible be taking over FX for its DStv platform in the way TLC on StarSat from Discovery Networks International (DNI) was jettisoned to become an exclusive TV channel on DStv's bouquet.

MultiChoice on Friday told TV with Thinus when asked whether there's been negotiations to add FX to DStv that "when we are ready to launch new channels we will make the necessary announcements".

The confusing and suddenly uncertain future of FX is angering and disturbing StarSat subscribers who regard FX as one of the few remaining better entertainment channels on the existing StarSat bouquet and one of the few remaining original TV channels still left from when TopTV launched in May 2010.