Wednesday, June 4, 2014

StarSat silent over where the promised new FOX Movies channel is, when it will launch, and why its addition has been delayed for so long.

Where is FOX Movies that On Digital Media's (ODM) StarSat satellite pay-TV platform has promised StarSat subscribers months ago?

FOX International Channels Africa (FIC Africa) made FOX Movies available to StarSat since 15 February already but StarSat keeps saying that its been "testing" FOX Movies.

The problem is that StarSat has therefore been testing FOX Movies - should the claim be truthful - for the past four months now, an insubordinate amount of time to test or decide if a single TV channel is correct or not.

FIC Africa already provides channels such as FOX, FX, FOX Crime, FUEL and Nat Geo Gold to StarSat.

FOX Movies from 20th Century FOX broadcast comedy, drama, action, science fiction, horror and thrillers and has already been available as a TV channel on the continent in North Africa.

I asked StarSat if it can please specifically say when FOX Movies will start, and why the addition of the TV channel has been delayed so long? StarSat didn't give answers to these two specific questions for publication purposes.

It does however seem that FOX Movies will launch on StarSat and that StarSat is working towards, or on, a launch date.

I also asked FIC Africa about FOX Movies on StarSat, who denies that the problem is with them, and says StarSat needs to be asked.

"The FOX Movies channel has launched in West Africa on Montage. Channel launches are at the discretion of the relevant affiliate and therefore the query needs to be directed to StarSat in relation to the channel launch dates," says FIC Africa.