Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ryan Giggs gone from SuperSport and its 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage - after being announced as leading its commentary and analysis.

Ryan Giggs is gone from SuperSport and the commentary and analysis coverage provided around the 2014 FIFA World Cup, broadcast on the various SuperSport channels on MultiChoice's DStv.

SuperSport announced with big fanfare just weeks ago that the former Manchester United "heads up a stellar cast of analysts and experts for SuperSport's coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup".

It's not clear who now heads up SuperSport's 2014 FIFA World Cup analyses since Ryan Giggs is gone and nowhere to be seen.

Just a short while into the 2014 FIFA World Cup Ryan Giggs left SuperSport's on-air presentation team.

He provided insight which didn't overwhelm critics and his commentary mostly left them lukewarm, so Ryan Giggs isn't really missed.

He was often the only face on the SuperSport panel disappearing and being replaced by another analyst while the others in the studio remained unchanged between games.

SuperSport never mentioned that Ryan Giggs' "gig" will only be for a few days and not be for the entire duration of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

I asked SuperSport what happened to Ryan Giggs after viewers wondered why they're not seeing him on television anymore.

When SuperSport announced him as leading its 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage it created an expectation that they will be seeing him for the duration of the global soccer tournament.

"Ryan Giggs was contracted for a short stint, primarily because of his new duties as assistant Manchester United manager. He is back in the UK," SuperSport tells me.