Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nelson Mandela Redrawn coming to History on Friday 18 July at 20:30 as another new Madiba documentary - but with a surprising twist.

You're reading it here first. 

Nelson Mandela Redrawn is another new documentary coming to History (DStv 186) - set to be broadcast on the channel on 18 July at 20:30 - but this one with a surprising and interesting, narrative twist.

Nelson Mandela Redrawn coming in July follows the celebrity laden Miracle Rising which Combined Artistic Productions produced for History and which was shown in February last year on the channel.

What makes Nelson Mandela Redrawn different from Miracle Rising's celebrity Rolodex fawning, is that the story of Nelson Mandela - a more intimate biographical portrait - will be told in eight chapters ... and in reverse.

Nelson Mandela Redrawn will unfold in reverse telling the story of the globally respected late statesman and "father of the nation" of South Africa, and then taking the story, his life and times back all the way to his rural childhood in the Eastern Cape.

Nelson Mandela Redrawn will contain, look at and provide perspective on all the seminal moments that transformed Nelson Mandela into the man he eventually became, to provide a portrait of Nelson Mandela the icon.

The History documentary, produced in South Africa, examines the unique way Nelson Mandela handled the challenges of his life, from his relationship with the British Royals, and the attempted suicide of a South African rugby hero, to epic political strategies that helped to clinch a soccer World Cup, and how he helped to avert possible civil war.