Thursday, May 29, 2014

Massive Sky News mistake: 'Oh f-ing hell!' says Sky News' Jon Craig as stunned anchor Lukwesa Burak has to pick up the pieces.

There's massive embarrassment for Sky News (DStv 402) which broadcast the F-word on television worldwide and in South Africa when reporter Jon Craig suddenly said: "Oh f-ing hell!" when Big Ben started ringing behind him.

The incident occurred this week while Sky News and its chief political correspondent Jon Craig was covering the European parliamentary elections.

Jon Craig was standing in front of Westminster when Big Ben behind him started tolling and he lost his cool.

A flustered Lukwesa Burak, anchoring the Sky News broadcast, was stunned, but managed to quickly tell viewers: "We do apologise for that. That was a much earlier recording. And our apologies here from Sky News. Moving on ..."

It's not the first time that Sky News' Jon Craig has spewed filth whilst reporting on Sky News, and not the first time the frustrated reporter opened his dirty mouth during reporting with Big Ben behind him: