Wednesday, May 7, 2014

History preparing for Houdini Live magic stunt and Houdini miniseries; not clear if History on DStv in South Africa will show it.

History (DStv 186) is working on a Houdini miniseries as well as a new live stunt magic act broadcast entitled Houdini Live - although at this point its uncertain whether the History channel as seen in South Africa on MultiChoice's DStv platform will carry one or either shows.

Magician and escape artist Robert Gallup will do a live two hour stunt for History later this year, entitled Houdini Live, in which he will try to free himself from a trap involving straitjackets, handcuffs and shackles at the bottom of a rock quarry filled with explosives about to be detonated.

That will be followed by a new miniseries Houdini.

Factual entertainment TV channels are increasingly programming live stunts, ranging from Discovery's (DStv 121) live tightrope walk of Nick Wallenda and National Geographic Channel's (DStv 181) space jump of Felix Baumgartner.

Discovery cancelled its next live TV stunt, Everest Jump Live last month, following the death of sherpas after a deadly avalanche.

There's no confirmation yet from A+E Networks UK that runs History, whether Houdini Live or the Houdini miniseries will be shown on History in South Africa, or - if either or both are shown - whether the Houdini Live stunt will be broadcast live or close to the American broadcasting date, or if the Houdini miniseries would be shown closely after it starts being broadcast internationally.