Thursday, May 15, 2014

GO VIKINGS. M-Net keeps conquering; the second season of Vikings sets sail straight after the first on M-Net Series Showcase

The second season of the well-produced historical drama Vikings starts tonight on M-Net Series Showcase (DStv 113) at 22:00 following straight after the first season which started on M-Net Series Showcase in March.

The second season of 10 episodes of Vikings has one episode more than the first season and will all play out on Thursdays at 22:00 on M-Net Series Showcase.

This is excellent and exceptional programming from a broadcaster that is in the interest of and to the benefit of the consumer.

M-Net firstly acquired the MGM Television produced show to broadcast it in South Africa when A+E Networks UK failed to get and schedule it for viewers in History (DStv 186).

History's loss was also M-Net's gain - especially since History is not a high definition (HD) channel and M-Net is showing Vikings to South African viewers the way it is meant to be seen: in HD on the M-Net Series Showcase channel.

Secondly the decision by M-Net to show the available second season of Vikings closely (immediately) after the first season to help South African viewers catch up, is extremely laudable and commendable.

Thirdly, the second season of Vikings started in February in the United States. This means that M-Net has made Vikings instantly yet another TV show which it is rolling out very close to the overseas broadcasting date. Vikings has been renewed for a third season in 2015.

TV with Thinus asked M-Net why it decided to show the second season of Vikings straight after the first season.

"M-Net has always treated viewers to the best international series available and the latest digital technology now makes it possible to bring these series to our screens much closer to the US debuts," says M-Net.

"Our M-Net Series Showcase viewers enjoyed the first season of Vikings and it makes sense to continue with the story without delay".