Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Touch the Magic - if you dare. Can you cope being the personal assistant to a top executive in South Africa's fast-moving TV biz?

Forget about publicists, marketing executives and PR managers.

The biggest, most tenacious, and most iron-clad, impenetrable gatekeepers to those in the know in South Africa's TV biz and TV executives, are those surreptitiously overlooked people who run their daily diaries, block their doors and will cut you off without even a goodbye if call the direct extension and don't give the right "code word" within the first five seconds.

Now there's a place for a new one.

That Devil Wears Prada movie is much more real and accurate than what normal people would ever realise and the very best way to get to be in and know all the secrets of the TV industry without actually having to work in it, is to be a personal assistant to a big boss - or "secretary" as it used to be called.

With the appointment of Yolisa Phahle as the new CEO of M-Net in South Africa from the beginning of this month, the pay-TV broadcaster is looking for a new personal assistant.

Exciting! ... If you know that this red blinking light means there's voicemail, and that that red light means a new incoming call, and that that red light outside a studio door means filming is in progress and that you absolutely will lose your life if you open it now.

The pay-TV broadcaster is looking for a new personal assistant in the office of the M-Net SA CEO in Randburg and if you're not on any meds, don't suffer from anxiety attacks, know how to stir the tea just right, as well as who gets through and who doesn't - you might just enjoy the job.

M-Net says its looking to appoint "a well versed, energetic and experienced" person in the role of personal assistant to the CEO.

It means its a highly stressful and challenging and interesting and rewarding job, but oh boy, will you see more of television during any given day than what you ever will just watching on your TV screen at home.