Sunday, April 6, 2014

SAFTAS 2014: Yes. Just like the Saftas' captive audience, you're wondering what the f- you're watching.


Just like the captive audience at Gallagher Estate on Saturday night and Atandwa Kani rather sheepishly and perplexingly looking straight into camera, viewers at home watching the eye-poppingly bad 2014 South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) were probably wondering:

What the f- is this!?

At a badly-done awards show from the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) meant to and purportedly celebrating and honouring South Africa's film and television industry, it was funny (not in a good way) that Saftas co-host Alan Committie kept dissing and making put-downs jokes of film and television.

Like saying movies cost R7. "But the popcorn and Coke cost R186." (Let's gently encourage rather than dissuade people from going to the movies on South African film's biggest night, shall we?)

Like saying "there's too many soaps to choose from" on television (conveniently leaving out that the Saftas Favourite Soap list is not complete or credible because SABC2's Muvhango is deliberately left out).

Like dissing the SABC on SABC3 which broadcast the Saftas, referring to how the public broadcaster "lose people all the time".