Saturday, April 5, 2014

SAFTAS 2014: Award show co-host Alan Committie takes a dig at the SABC on SABC3 and how the SABC 'lose people all the time'.

The audience at the trashy-as-usual 2014 South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) laughed audibly when co-host Alan Committie got in a snide joke right at the start as he dissed the SABC live on the air right on SABC3 which is showing the amateur awards show.

"I'm sorry. I took the wrong turn. I was in the bottom floor of the SABC. You know they lose people there all the time," he said during the opening skit as co-host Tumi Morake had to help Alan Committie out of a hole cut on stage.

Then Tumi Morake got her own somewhat insensitive joke in regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet which is still missing somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Then the announcer voice cut in welcoming the audience, but of course that microphone wasn't on - the second big sound oops of the 2014 Saftas - meaning viewers didn't hear what was being said from the beginning.