Thursday, April 10, 2014

Non-DStv subscribers get access to DStv BoxOffice on Samsung Galaxy S5 as a new app, but have to pay more.

MultiChoice and Samsung is making DStv on Demand's DStv BoxOffice available as an app on Samsung's new Galaxy S5 mobile phones but it will cost non-DStv subscribers much more to use it to rent a movie.

A movie and download will cost 20% more for non-DStv subscribers who will have to pay R30 to rent a new movie through the app on a Samsung Galaxy S5. Old movies will cost R10 for both DStv subscribers and non-DStv subscribers.

The DStv BoxOffice app will be made available exclusively to the Samsung Galaxy S5 for a limited period.

It's interesting that Samsung Galaxy S5 users who are not subscribers of MultiChoice's pay-TV service will have to pay more to watch content on a smaller Samsung screen.

DStv subscribers who download the app will still pay R25 for a new movie - the same for through the DStv decoder.

Users of the Samsung phone will have 48 hours to watch a rental, the same as DStv subscribers making use of DStv BoxOffice through their decoders. A rental can be watched as many times as a user want during the 48 hour window.