Friday, April 18, 2014

BREAKING. M-Net has The 100; spacey new teen youth drama set on a post-apocalyptic Earth earmarked for M-Net Series Showcase for June.

You're reading it here first. 

It is a good Friday: I can exclusively break the news that M-Net has the broadcasting rights to the great new science fiction youth drama The 100 - and I can reveal that it will start on 4 June at 20:00.

The excellent The 100 revolves around a group of teenage convicts send to Earth to test - after mankind found refuge in a cobbled together space station nicknamed "The Ark" following a devastating nuclear war - whether the planet down below is habitable again.

The kiddies would have died anyway. For the smallest "crime" you're thrown in jail and then pushed out of an airlock because there's too many people, and resources are dwindling fast.

While the kids are "given" a chance to live - jettisoned, and making it to Earth (well, not all of them), they struggle from the first moment. Things change fast on a changed Earth in this type of Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games drama.

There's also major drama happening up there on the space station - intrigue, intrigue! - as the leaders and doctor all have kids down below and an evil guy has a plan to "save humanity" by killing most of humanity left on the space station!

M-Net tells me the first season of The 100, which started in mid-March in America, is earmarked for M-Net Series Showcase (DStv 113), meaning DStv subscribers will be able to watch it in high definition (HD).