Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DATELINE LAGOS: M-Net and AfricaMagic: 'We do everything with our viewers in mind, knowing the expectation they have of us, says Biola Alabi.

With 8 dedicated and differentiated AfricaMagic TV channels from M-Net already running on MultiChoice's DStv's satellite pay-TV platform running across Africa and more AfricaMagic channels expected to be launched in the future, M-Net and AfricaMagic's management and TV executives are not losing sight of the viewer.

"We do everything with our viewers in mind. Delivering a superior TV experience to every single viewer at home is our goal," says Biola Alabi, M-Net Africa's managing director for special projects. 

Biola Alabi spoke to the press in Lagos, Nigeria on the day of the 2nd AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards for which she is primarily responsible, as well as for ongoing shows such as Big Brother Africa

When we ask you to pay your TV subscription every month we do that knowing the expectation that you have of us - which is that we have to deliver a superior TV viewing experience. We do everything we can to make sure that happens," Biola Alabi told TV with Thinus.

"Our reality shows in Africa are a bit different from the Western type of reality shows. I think Africans are always going to be different in the way we see and do reality and our reality shows are different. So, they're not Kim Kardashian. But we have our own cache".

And the secret of AfricaMagic's success? Biola Alabi says its the people and the strength of the relationships M-Net, AfricaMagic and MultiChoice have inside the pay-TV operator, as well as with content makers.

"What we try to do is find the most amazing people to work with us. We have amazing partners, amazing vendors and amazing leadership within the organisation who actually leads this entire team, who believes in what we're doing and really are the biggest fans of AfricaMagic," she says.

"When you have that - people in leadership positions who are also fans - then its not a hard sell. We've had the amazing fortune to work with really the best and most amazing people across the continent in television and in film," says Biola Alabi.