Saturday, March 8, 2014

DATELINE LAGOS: Biola Alabi says she did not resign as M-Net's managing director for Africa; 'I'm going to oversee all of our special projects'.

Biola Alabi, M-Net's managing director for Africa, on Saturday boldly said that she definitely did not resign at M-Net, and is fully staying on and working for the pan-African pay-TV broadcaster.

TV with Thinus on Saturday asked Biola Alabi about reports that surfaced - and which was reported by broadsheets like Nigeria's This Day newspaper on Friday - if she could clarify her position and comment on her tenure at M-Net.

Biola Alabi just underwent a job and title change at M-Net at the beginning of the year from managing director at M-Net for Africa to managing director for special projects in Africa at the pay-TV broadcaster.

Biola Alabi is responsible for the AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCAs). The 2nd AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards 2014 is set to take place on Saturday evening in Lagos, Nigeria.

"The rumours are rumours. I am here, having an interview with you. And as you know, corporations don't usually have people that have resigned doing interviews. So I'm still very much in my role. Especially in media you don't have people doing interviews if they leave".

"So I'm very much in my role. I think what happened is that we're obviously rolling out a very different strategy across the African continent, and what I've decided to do is to take a more strategic role around some of our key projects and pan-African projects because that is a place where I think that we still have a lot of work to do," Biola Alabi told me.

"I'm going to be overseeing all of our special projects across the continent like the AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards, obviously Big Brother Africa which is still a huge project for us. We have some other big initiatives which we will be launching across the continent. Those are the things that will be in my portfolio."