Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DATELINE LAGOS: Big Brother Africa is not a sex show, says M-Net. Reality show is 'not for everyone', but M-Net has entertainment options for everyone.

Big Brother Africa is not a "sex show"- at the same time M-Net doesn't expect all its viewers or all DStv subscribers to like it or watch it - and says as a broadcaster it provides a large number of different entertainment options for different viewers' tastes.

"I appreciate that Big Brother Africa is not for everyone. I would be naive if I said that everyone has to enjoy and watch Big Brother Africa," says Biola Alabi, M-Net Africa's managing director for special projects.

Besides the AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards and the AfricaMagic Original Films project, Biola Alabi is responsible for and the hand that guides Big Brother Africa.

At a press conference in Lagos, Nigeria on the day of the 2nd AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards, Biola Alabi was asked what she makes of accusations and charges from certain African countries that Big Brother Africa is "nothing more than just a sex show".

Biola Alabi said that Big Brother Africa might not be in ever viewer's taste but that there's a wide range of other programming on offer to viewers.

"What I do think Big Brother Africa does, is that it entertains a huge sector of people that watch it and they enjoy it".

"And every year when we do the call for entry, when you see the entries, it is something that Africans have come to love, and that is part of the type of entertainment that we do".

"We are a broadcaster and our job is to provide entertainment for our subscribers and I think we're doing a very good job in that regard," said Biola Alabi.