Saturday, February 22, 2014

M-Net does away with the 'HD' in its M-Net on-screen channel ident on MultiChoice's DStv platform, no reason given.

M-Net quietly dumped the "HD" from the M-Net on-screen logo on channel 101 on MultiChoice's DStv platform on Friday without giving a reason, although the channel remains a high definition (HD) channel.

The "M HD" has made way for just the stylistically used blue-ribbon device "M" on-screen, without the silver "HD" letters at the end.

There's been no explanation from M-Net as to the reason behind the quiet M-Net channel ident change; a media enquiry was made late on Friday.

The M-Net channel 101 adopted the M-Net HD logo from October 2012 when the M-Net HD channel which was a separate channel on DStv with slightly differentiated content, fell away and the standard definition (SD) M-Net channel became able to carry the full HD content in terms of ads, filler and its programming content.