Thursday, February 6, 2014

'Heellooooo, I'm fine,' says Iman Rappetti. 'Guys, can we turn that down a bit," says Jeremy Maggs as eNCA makes an open mic oopsie.

eNCA (DStv 403) experienced an open mic oopsie on Thursday evening - when viewers hear what TV presenters say when that audio channel should be muted for the live channel.

The eNCA audio oops wasn't as bad as when viewers heard ANN7's (DStv 405) prime time anchor Chantal Rutter Dros admonished her ANN7 technical colleagues in October during an ad break over on-air mistakes - but it's still noteworthy.

Thursday evening just after Derek van Dam's weather when the end credits rolled, viewers could suddenly hear NewsNight co-anchors Iman Rappetti and Jeremy Maggs get ready for the nightly newscast.

"Heellooooo. I'm fine," said Iman Rappetti when viewers didn't see her - and definitely shouldn't have heard her.

"Guys, can we turn that down a bit," said Jeremy Maggs, his lapel mic open for eNCA viewers to hear as well.

Some more noises, some more talk from Iman Rappetti and finally someone in the eNCA control room at the Hyde Park based 24-hour TV news channel pushed the mute button.