Thursday, February 20, 2014

Communication Workers Union (CWU) alleges that MultiChoice and SuperSport do not want CWU in their business; MultiChoice denies the claim.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) is alleging that pay-TV giant MultiChoice and sportscaster SuperSport which provides several TV channels to MultiChoice's DStv satellite pay-TV platform "do not want the CWU existing as a trade union in their business" - an allegation which MultiChoice denies.

In a statement the CWU which refers to MultiChoice and SuperSport as "bigoted management" says that the union is "gravely disappointed" by MultiChoice and SuperSport's attitude towards the right of workers" and that CWU have engaged both companies around section 21 of the Labour Relations Act with a view to consolidate a recognition agreement.

"The company have made their intentions clear that they do not want the Communication Workers Union existing as a union in their business. They have employed all the tactics thus includes their workplace forum; that is meant to keep workers interest at bay to ensure that the company continues with their ways of exploiting the vulnerable workers in the company".

MultiChoice tells TV with Thinus in a statement that "MultiChoice supports freedom of association in the workplace".

"We believe this needs to happen within the parameters of the law. The company is committed to adhering to all the guidelines of the Labour Relations Act of South Africa".

The CWU says "they have told us that they will be calling each and every worker who has signed a membership form to their office to check if they still want to be a member of the Union or not. This company has been calling our members on their cell phones through a private number and asking them if they are members of the union and who is leading the "Gang of the Union".

"We view this as a malicious attack on worker's rights that is entrenched in the constitution of the country," says the CWU in the statement.

"The company has no respect of Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 Chapter (11) and the Freedom of Association. As a responsible trade union movement in the interest of workers in particular and the working class in general; we have no choice but to take this myopic management of Supersport to CCMA for conciliation. If the matter is not resolved; we have no doubts to embark on a protected industrial action".