Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ANN7: TV news insanity as out-of-sync graphic, video, and what the news reader is talking about, are all part of 3 very different stories at once.

The sad-oh-so-bad ANN7 (DStv 405) on Tuesday evening ran an on-screen bumper graphic, a video, and a news reader reading text - with all three parts which were elements of three different stories.

Neither the bumper, nor the video (which also got stuck) nor what the news reader was reading had any correlation to each other. I unfortunately can't show you the video clip as part of a news story about it, Aiplex Software will likely order it remove as it has done in an attempt to eradicate online video of ANN7 news bloopers.

If you can get through to the ANN7 news room, please tell someone that "seeked" is not a word. "Sought" is. At least "employment" is correct; earlier on Tuesday it was "empoyment".